Additional product pages: Latest, Popular, Bestsellers, All products (OC 1.x)

The module creates additional product pages "Newest/Latest products", "Popular products", "Bestseller", "All products".

On these extra pages, you can also include any schemes(layouts) as well as in other templates like "categories", etc.


  • Switching to the grid/list view
  • Sort products by different criteria
  • Sort products by popularity (on the "Popular products" page (new)
  • Limit products per page
  • Pagination
  • Ability to add SEO-friendly urls
  • Cache pages (new)
  • Multilingual (russian and english are already included)

OpenCart Versions: 1.5x (older versions available upon request)

For older versions (like OpenCart 2.x), please visit this page.

Demo page 1.
Demo page 2.
Demo page 3.
Demo page 4.

The module was implemented on vQmod.

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