Bulk Specials Editor (OC 1.5x)

The module can manage all specials - create/change/delete/filter product specials by different parameters.

This module is only for OpenCart 1.5x, if you need this module for OpenCart 2.x, please visit this link.


- Set sum of the discount in % or amount; date start and date end of the special; choose customer group; set priority of special for every special

- Massive installation/change/deletion of specials by different parameters (by categories, selected products, manufacturers, etc.)

- Add/change/delete settings of every special quickly

- Filter product specials by different criteria (product name, quantity, status, old/special price, special dates, manufacturer, category, customer group)

- Delete selected product specials

- Customize a display of filters and columns

Login: demo
Password: demo

Admin LIVE DEMO (opencart 1.5.x)

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